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This unit will consider:

Leadership is not a position.

Christian leadership is defined as influencing others to follow God’s instructions.


In addition, the hardship of leadership and how they did impact the lives in the world; can help us to lead other people to Jesus kingdom.
Instructions: please investigate the following leaders of the Christian Church History.
Please emphasize the two points bellow
1.    Their biography.
2.    Their hardships.

1.    Justino Mártir

2.    Saint Irenaeus

3.    Tertullian

4.    Origen of Alexandria (c.185 - c.254)

5.    Athanasius of Alexandria.

6.    Saint Jerome

7.    John Chrysostom

8.    Augustine of Hippo

9.    Leo the great

10. Alcuin

11. John Wycliffe

12. Martin Luther

13. John Calvin

14. Ignatius of Loyola

15. George Whitefield

16. Billy Graham

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